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Birthdate:Mar 31
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abyssinian cats, adoption, adrenal fatigue, adult swim, aeryn sun, ailurophile, amélie, anais nin, anguisette, ani difranco, animaniacs, anna nalick, anne sexton, autumn, azam ali, bamboo, battlestar galactica, bbc dramas, bear mcreary, beer, black phoenix alchemy lab, bpal, buddhism, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, butterflies, caramel, carnivale, cats, cellos, cemeteries, cfids, cherry blossoms, chinese lanterns, chronic fatigue immune deficiency, colin firth, corsets, crowded house, dalai lama, dante gabriel rossetti, delicious incredulity, dice, dresden dolls, eddie izzard, edward gorey, ewan mcgregor, farscape, fibromyalgia, firefly, flying spaghetti monster, fringe, gashly crumb tinies, geisha, george r.r martin, george r.r. martin, guy gavriel kay, halloween, hedgehogs, helo/athena, house of flying daggers, hummingbirds, icicles, icons, jamie bamber, jane austen, jean grey, joss whedon, kara/lee, kimonos, kitsune, kittens, koalathebear, krychek, kushiels dart, loreena mckennitt, mad men, magnolias, meditation, monty python, moulin rouge, mulder, muppets, music, mythology, narf, neil gaiman, new zealand, nine inch nails, noodly appendage, orchids, parasols, peeps, pinky & the brain, pre-raphaelites, pride and prejudice, pumpkin pie, rasputina, reiki, rock stacking, role playing, roleplaying, rufus sewell, sabaceanbabe, sacred spaces, sanctuary, sandman, sapphires, sarcasm, scotland, scrabble, scully, scully/mulder, serenity, seth green, shoes, silk, sleep, speight's old dark, spoon theory, squirrel nut zippers, surviving grad school, suzanne vega, tattoos, tetris, the daily show, the flying spaghetti monster, the pillow book, the tick, thekatebeyond, they might be giants, tibetan buddhism, torchwood, tori amos, vas, venture brothers, venus hum, vienna teng, vintage erotica, w. h. auden, walks in the rain, winter is coming, wolverine, x-files, x-men, yoga, ze frank, zoe*keating, ,
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